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"Music Is A Man"

Music is a Man
he'll never change
and I don't want 
him to

Music is a Man
why do I follow
to his tune?

Here he comes 
in his blue mood.
I don't feel inclined.
He is here
 with his friends 
and others. 

  I don't change my mind.

  Music, Music, Music. 
  Music is a Man, 
I forgive him 
    and still he wants to brood
 Music is a man,
why do I follow 
to his moon?  

 Take away the sound 
and watch him.

  I don't mind he's mine.
He is here 
with his intent 
we're lovers. 
  I can change my mind.  Anytime, 

Copyright 2000 Peggy Penny
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